realocation of the ES-Canteen

As you all have probably noticed, the ES-canteen is being renovated. This area has always been a hub for students to relax, do some homework, have a meeting. additionally it also houses multiple events throughout the year, such as: internship fairs, ''borrels'' and the like. Even though this area is used exessively throughout the year,  school has decided the realocated this area to new flex work places. Ofcourse the school is growing and teachers need their places to work, but taking away an area that is imbedded in the school-lives of so many students may not have been the right choice. On tuesday the 21st of May, a meeting will take place between students and the management about this issue. To let the management see how much students are involved and love this area, I would like to gather as many signatures as possible. To show that a lot of us do not like the ideas regarding the ES-Canteen

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