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Dear all,


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A situation has occurred which I believe requires all of ours’ attention.

As you might know board members of a student association can apply for a fund to compensate for their work and possible study delay. This Profile Fund has been drastically lowered since last year. We have joined forces with several presidents of boards of student associations (Io Vivat, Sempiternus, Navigators, Dionysus) and we have written a letter to the committee explaining our dissatisfaction and demanding a reconsideration. The letter is in Dutch, the most important points are that…

  • None of the boards nor previous boards have been made aware of this big change;
  • The change is that big (from €1800 to €3600 last year to €300 or €600 this year) it will impact student participation negatively;
  • Study associations should be included as well;
  • The new rules now exclude small associations with less than 50 members, we want to give all associations the chance to apply.

Our question is if you want to join us by signing this petition, this way we will have a stronger voice. 


Kind regards,

On behalf of student and study associations of Leeuwarden,

Chava van der Woerdt

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