Free menstrual products within Haagse Hogeschool

This campaign strives for the provision of free menstrual products on several female toilets within The Hague University of Applied Sciences (Haagse Hogeschool). Menstruation is biological and, therefore, menstruation products should be seen as a necessity. According to research done by Plan International, a Dutch development organisation, one in ten young women between the age of 12 and 25 cannot afford sanitary pads or tampons in the Netherlands. Meaning that within THUAS, 10% of students that menstruate face the issue of menstruation poverty. Menstruation poverty leads to the infrequent change of tampons or menstruation pads, or the usage of additional sanitary materials such as newspaper or toilet paper, which eventually will lead to students skipping classes. The usage of additional materials can lead to serious infections and increase the risk of toxic shock syndrome (life-threatening bacterial infection). All those who menstruate must have the right to have access to menstrual products, safe, hygienic spaces in which to use them, and the right to manage menstruation without stigma.

With this campaign, menstruation poverty is addressed by promoting menstrual equity and by ensuring that no student is disadvantaged because they menstruate. 

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