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Dear Wizz Air Team,


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I am writing on behalf of the Kosovo-Albanian community residing in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany, expressing our strong interest and desire for Wizz Air to consider opening a direct flight service between Eindhoven and Pristina.


Currently, there is no direct airline connection between these two cities, which creates a significant inconvenience for Kosovo-Albanian residents in the Benelux region and Germany. Many members of our community, as well as other travelers, face challenges in terms of travel time, convenience, and overall accessibility due to the absence of a direct flight option.


The establishment of a direct flight between Eindhoven and Pristina would not only serve the needs of the Kosovo-Albanian diaspora but also contribute to fostering stronger ties between our communities and facilitating easier travel for business, tourism, and family visits. The cities of Eindhoven and Pristina have seen a growing number of connections and interactions in recent years, and a direct flight would undoubtedly enhance these relationships.


Considering Wizz Air's commitment to providing affordable and convenient travel options, we believe that introducing a direct flight on this route would be mutually beneficial for both the airline and the passengers. We are confident that such a service would attract a significant number of travelers and contribute to the overall success of the route.


We kindly request Wizz Air to evaluate the feasibility of establishing a direct flight service between Eindhoven and Pristina, taking into consideration the potential demand from the Kosovo-Albanian community in the Benelux region and Germany.


Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to the possibility of Wizz Air providing this much-needed and anticipated direct flight option.





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