Tenants association Plesmanduin

Who are we?

We are the Plesmanduin tenants association (‘huurderscommissie’ in Dutch), a group of tenants that come together to address shared concerns and interests related to living at Plesmanduin, specifically for those in the starter-studio’s.

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The Plesman building has 60 starter-studio’s. Thus far, everybody has been standing alone with their problems and questions. We want to change that! By working together, we can achieve more. This tenants association has the goal to voice our shared concerns, think about solutions, and cooperate with IMP (the landlord) in a structural and constructive way.


We ask for your approval! By collecting signatures from the tenants living at Plesmanduin, we create legitimacy for our committee. Furthermore, this assures us that we are inclusive and represent all tenants.


Working points

At the moment, we have formulated several working points, that we aim to address to the landlord and are in continuous development.

  • Costs: we want to make sure that the rent, service costs and other costs remain reasonable and within legal limits.
  • Facilities: There have been a lot of questions about the Office and the Gym. We want clarification about the plans and planning for these facilities.
  • Other issues: such as bike storage, cleanliness, security, and pest control.



If you have any questions, want to join or contribute in any way, please let us know! You can send us an email to huurdersplesmanduin@gmail.com, or use the building WhatsAppgroup. If you are not in the building WhatsAppgroup yet, you can join using this link.

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